“Not on my watch nor the watch that follows me
for I will ensure they are properly trained.”
Tue, 20 Feb 2018
Services Available
  • Eagle Leadership provides three levels of ethics and leadership classes for the following target audiences:
    • Entry level and non-supervisory personnel
    • Junior leaders
    • Senior leaders
  • These classes, built around the “Bridge Called Ethics” concept, ensure the same thread and philosophy of leadership is taught throughout the organization, with emphasis that ethics and leadership are not merely subjects to be reviewed with a required test administered and passed once a year. These classes emphasize the importance of practicing ethics and leadership on a daily basis with a recommended approach provided for the organization\'s use.
  • Five levels of traits are emphasized as appropriate for each audience:
    • Ethics
    • Character
    • Performance
    • Leadership
    • Mentorship
  • We can provide these in a classroom or conference setting and will tailor our presentation to the individual customer requirements and the audience size while keeping our theme consistent.
  • Eagle leadership can provide the foundation for an ethics and leadership program or augment or bring renewed emphasis to an existing program
  • For additional information, contact us at:
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