“Not on my watch nor the watch that follows me
for I will ensure they are properly trained.”
Tue, 20 Feb 2018
About Eagle Leadership
Matt “Vader” Blackledge is a retired Marine Corps Colonel, who served over 30 years of active duty in war and peacetime (1973-2003). Key highlights of his military career:
  • Initially an Infantry Officer, who eventually became a logistician
  • Commanded at every rank
  • Completed tours on Recruiting Duty and the Drill Field
  • Two tours with each Marine Expeditionary Force (MEF)
  • At least one tour with each component of a MEF
  • Tour with United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Yugoslavia
  • Tour as the Senior Marine representing the Commanding General, Marine Corps Pacific / Marine Corps Central Command in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries and Horn of Africa
  • Final assignment was as the Assistant Chief of Staff G-4, I Marine Expeditionary Force during the planning and execution of Operation Iraqi Freedom I
  • In addition to 9 personal decorations, received the following awards:
    • “Admiral Ben Moreell Award for Logistics Competence” from Navy League of the United States (1994)
    • Society of Logistics Engineer (SOLE) “Field Award for Operational Level Logistics” (1991) – First Marine Corps Recipient
    • Secretary of Defense Superior Management Award (1990) – First Marine Corps Recipient (Team Leader)
  • Nominated for the “General John A. Lejeune” Inspirational Leadership Award from U.S. Navy League (1998)
Key highlights of his civilian career:
  • Project Manager of an international civilian workforce providing combat service support to Army and Marine Corps units throughout Iraq
  • Logistics Operational Analyst developing logistics scenarios for use in training exercises by senior logistics planners and the staffs of MEFs deploying to Iraq and Afghanistan
  • Developed Facility Recovery Plans for clients preparing for natural disasters as part of their Business Continuity and Disaster Management planning process
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