“Not on my watch nor the watch that follows me
for I will ensure they are properly trained.”
Tue, 20 Feb 2018

The ”Leadership Topic and Quote of the Day“ are updated on workdays (Monday - Friday) but not on weekends and Federal Holidays.

Topic of the Day
Results Oriented. Each of us must be results oriented. In this era of economic uncertainty and sudden collapse of companies, we must ensure we are achieving the results expected by our managers and supervisors. If we are in leadership or management roles, we have an even greater responsibility to ensure the day-to-day efforts of our sections / organizations meet expectations and produce viable results. We must examine the long-range impact of current plans and adjust as needed to ensure we achieve the desired results to remain viable in today's and tomorrow's economy. That examination must include the lens of ethics to ensure we remain on course for the long-term.
Quote of the Day
"To be creative you have to contribute something different from what you've done before. Your results need not be original to the world; few results truly meet that criterion. In fact, most results are built on the work of others."
Lynne C. Levesque
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